What’s Happening In The World: Meet The Robot Who Eats, Bath And Own An Instagram Account Where She Replies Her Admirers

They invented and created a lady who is a robot that can eat, speak, dance and even has an account with Instagram. Typically, the robot behaves normally like a person. The lady robot enjoys social media contact. She also shares lots of videos on her Instagram page, managed her stunning pictures and her short videos as well. I guess you surprise especially about how a robot can eat?

She says explicitly that she is not human, that she could not even pass a captcha test on her to check that she is human, in one of the videos of the robot on Instagram page.

The video states that she can not drink water but can swim. Even her batteries which allow her to fiction very well in her daily activities can not be taken out.

The robot looks exactly like a lovely woman. The robot can’t be separated from a normal living person. Her everyday activities are very different from a living human being. She had all-female human-like futures. This particular lady robot also has friends who are human and she normally goes out with them and enjoys with them like any other ordinary person.

On Instagram, the lady robot is nicknamed @lilmiquela. Even though she looks exactly like a real human being, she still needs to be powered up by a battery. The lady robot posts still her videos of herself as a robot and her contact with living people.

Though nearly like a real human, it also has some kind of plastic features which really shows that indeed she is actually a robot. One of her videos indicates the alternation on her eyebrows that completely goes away when she takes her phone up somewhat.

Miquela’s lady is a very smart robot. She is an artist and also she produces a lot of singles, which actually had attracted a lot of fun on her YouTube channel. She has also recorded about  1 million views from social media publications.

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 Watch the video below:

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