Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘Reality Z’

Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘Reality Z’? Here’s What You Should Know

Reality Z revolves around a group of would-be reality TV show stars who find themselves in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Nina (Ana Hartmann), Alberto Levi (Emílio de Mello), and Teresa (Luellen de Castro) have to fight the zombies together, or else, they will perish. We investigate: Will there be a Season 2?

Netflix has yet to give the green light to Season 2 of ‘Reality Z.’
In a previous interview with Deadline, visionary director Cláudio Torres revealed that he intended the series to last for several seasons.

“My challenge was to turn a five-part anthology miniseries into a series that can unfold into many seasons without losing the spirit, humor, and social critique that Charlie conceived in the original Dead Set. For a fantastic movie fan, direct the first Brazilian zombie series is a gift that Netflix gave me” Cláudio explained.


Instead of creating a faithful adaptation of Dead Set, Charlie Brooker’s horror comedy-drama series, Cláudio wanted to go much, much farther. Dead Set is set in the U.K., while Reality Z was shot in Rio de Janeiro — and the dissimilarities don’t stop there.

A Brazilian affair through and through, Cláudio decided to create a new, unique twist on the original. Instead of telling the story in the course of five episodes — like it was the case with Dead Set — he expanded the number of episodes to 10.


Technicalities aside, the new show offers no reflections on British pop-culture in the late 2000s. Instead, it adapts the artistic approach originally proposed by two Brazilian art movements, Anthropophagy and Tropicalismo.

“Proposed in 1922 by Brazilian intellectuals, the [Anthropophagy] manifesto suggested that we take on the cannibal past of our Indians (who devoured several Portuguese, French and Dutch people who passed through here) and “eat” foreign culture, spewing it back into a Brazilian art form,” Cláudio explained in a previous interview with Variety.

“I thought this was the way to devour Dead Set and throw it up Brazilian […] The first five episodes are Dead Set seen through a tropical mirror. From episodes six to 10, the material is totally new and, I hope, honors the critical soul, humor, and violence of Charlie’s original,” Cláudio added.


It’s dubious when Season 2 of ‘Reality Z’ would be discharged.

Despite the fact that the makers have plans for additional seasons to come, the eventual fate of Reality Z is presently open to question.

Netflix still can’t seem to settle on a choice on whether they might want to commission a Season 2 or not. As per The Cinemaholic, the most punctual time the new scenes could open up on the gushing stage would be at some point around 2022.

Be that as it may, this is all speculative.

As per a past Distractify article, Season 1 had a perfect, without cliffhanger finishing, which provides reason to feel ambiguous about significantly more the fate of the arrangement.

Albeit most cast individuals could be revived somehow, it’s questionable whether this was a course the makers would be anxious to take, or in the event that they had different plans coming up.

Hold on, Reality Z fans. Netflix should make a declaration not long from now.

Season 1 of Reality Z is accessible on Netflix now.


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