Man shares a story about his friend’s wife whom was subjected to given birth through CS later survives Coma

Immediately he sent me the direction to the hospital, I raced down to the place. His wife was in labour and she had lost her 1st and 2nd pregnancy to miscarriage in the past. Luckily, the 3rd child survived and is two years old now. I met him at the reception.

“Martin Beck Nworah my brother, thanks for coming. Hope it wasn’t difficult for you to find this hospital? You know it’s a private hospital and not many people know here.”

I told him it was easy because there’s a bookstore beside the hospital and I frequent the place to buy books from time to time. The nurse arranging files at the reception greeted me and I waved at her.

“Uncle” the little boy of two years said as he hugged my leg and I lifted him up.

“Martin please he said he wants to eat ice cream and you know I can’t leave here now my wife is in labour. The doctors have said I shouldn’t leave as they’re not sure what will happen with my wife this time. Nobody is giving me any assurance.”

While he was still explaining to me the situation of things, we started hearing the shouts of his wife from the theater.

“Where is my husband oooooo? I told him to be here to see my pains. I told him not to release inside but that man won’t hear word. My waist oooooooooooo.” We heard the voice of a nurse who shouted on her to keep quiet.

“Madam shut up. If he doesn’t release inside you, where do you want him to release? Push this thing.”

I looked at my friend’s face and he smiled for the first time inbetween his anxious and stressed face. We heard his wife’s voice again; “And he will be shouting I am coming but he will never come on time. Chai…my waist ooooo. Where’s my husband ooooo?

We just laughed hard at that one and it was the last time we heard her voice. I went over to the reception to greet the pretty nurse there. “Hello Yellow nurse, I am Martin Beck Nworah, came to give my friend emotional support. What name shall I put on this beautiful nurse with physique so killing I may fall sick right now?”

She smiled and told me her name. While we were still talking, I saw a doctor beckoning my friend to follow him to an office down the aisle. After about ten minutes, my friend came out with a straight face. I approached him immediately.

“What’s up? What did the doctor say?”

The doctor told him that his wife can’t give birth unless they conduct a CS operation on her. That’s the only way she can give birth now. I asked him if he had signed the necessary documents and he told me he needed to speak with some family members.

His son was still disturbing for the ice cream so he gave me his car key and told me to drive the child to the nearby ice cream shop so he could get one. He even advised we stayed there till he informs me to come back so the child won’t know anything or disturb anybody.

My man’s face and heart was already breaking into so many places and pieces.

About 50 minutes later, while still at the ice cream shop, he sent me a text; “MBN, my wife just entered coma. Please hurry back to the hospital. They need to transfer her to another hospital.”

I drove like a mad man back to the hospital and rushed into the hospital reception while carrying the little boy.

With tears in his eyes, he slowly walked up to me, carried his baby and sat down on the sofa.

“Martin Beck Nworah, when you left, the doctor came out again and said there won’t be need for the operation again. That my wife has shown strength and can push out the baby. 40 minutes later, he came out to tell me that my wife has given birth to two bouncing babies, a boy and girl. Twin!”

Wait wait wait. Did I just hear this man well? So she has given birth? So she was even pregnant with two babies all these while and you never told me? How? How?

He was just smiling. While using his left hand to support his son, he was using the right one to wave to the heavens. I just sat down beside him without saying a word.

About 20 seconds later, the doctor beckoned on him to come and see his wife and their new babies. He told me to come along and I waved him off. “I’ll join you soon.”

As they walked in, I went to the pretty nurse at the reception. She was laughing and apologised for the rude shock. We exchanged numbers and I told her she’ll pay for the shock I just got.

“Hahaha. No problem Martin, I’ll happily pay it, however you want it.” This is just the best news of that evening for me.

I sat down and closed my eyes.

Don’t give up easily, miracles still happen. Keep believing and working hard, your time will come!

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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