Dead Man Sits On A Chair, Wears Expensive Suit To His Own Funeral Video

The truth about death is unexplainable and bitter because nobody wishes to die and most especially at a young age but the fact about death is that it is inevitable. And it comes when ones do not expect it, and you don’ t necessarily have to have been in an accident or fall sick before you die. As many people have died a natural death.

However, whatever way a person dies doesn’ t matter once he or she dies. The common saying for them is that ” Rest In Peace” – this is the prayer given to the soul of the deceased person. And it is also believed that disturbing the body of the dead also affects how they ” Rest In Peace” .

A strange incident happened in Trinidad and Tobago. As a picture of a young man was seen dressed up and sitting at his funeral. Even though this may not be the first time we’ re experiencing strange funeral scenes. But this one was certainly a shocking one for us to believe. The young man who was certainly dead was seen to be dressed up in an expensive suit to his funeral, while he was also seen placed on a chair at his funeral. The logic behind this act was later revealed that they want the dead young man to also attend his dad’ s funeral. But no matter the reasons or the kind of excuse that was made for the kind of funeral they perform for the young man, it will continued to be a surprise one for many people as it looks very weird.

And now the family will have to pay the sum of £750 penalty fee for partaking in a reckless funeral that is deemed too dangerous to the community.

Click below to watch the video

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Do you think it wise for a dead man to partake in another funeral? Let hear your thoughts in the comments section below

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