My Wife Started Going To The Bathroom With A Cucumber Ever Since I Cheated On Her

My name is Caleb and I’m a native of Lagos State. I finished at University of Lagos and after my education I got married at the age of 28 since I already had the job to cater for my family and I.

My wife whose name is Blessing is 25years and we both started dating right from our University days before she finally said “I do.” And we got married in 2015 and ever since it’s been a wonderful years for my family, I love her so much and she does perfectly as well.

But just about a year ago I fumbled, I brought another woman to the house while she was away to work and unfortunately for me she came back home and caught us together. Ever since then even though she still choose to stay in the marriage but her care and love towards me had changed. She has stopped talking to me like we always did and there hasn’t been this kind of closeness within us again. Multiple of times I had always told her that I have changed and yes I have. I now love her so much and won’t dare to cheat on her again. So many times while coming back home I’d even branch the mall and buy her flowers, clothes and shoes but they are all to no avail. She still wouldn’t trust me.

Recently I noticed that anytime she goes out now she normally buys cucumbers to the house whenever she’s coming back home. But I couldn’t question her since it’s a fruit and I like cucumbers alot, but to my surprise she doesn’t slice this cucumbers in my food. This went for like a month and I decided to challenge her and it didn’t want well for me. She told me to mind my business.

And I did minded my business and just about last week, I noticed she now keeps those cucumbers of different sizes in her wardrobe and to make matters worse she takes it along with her to the bathroom. So I decided to check what woman use cucumbers to do in the bathroom on the internet and I found out that they actually use it for cleansing of their face but yet I wasn’t still convinced. So I asked one of my friends and he told me otherwise.

And now I’m confused, I don’t want to judge her for another thing entirely having known that if I had not cheated on her she wouldn’t have changed her behaviors towards me.

I don’t really know what she’s doing with the cucumbers in the bathroom and I’m really curious to know but don’t know how. And that’s why I’m seeking for your help.

Please what do you think a woman can be using cucumbers to do in the bathroom and also how do I approach her in a nice manner so she won’t get angry if I want to ask?

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