CCTV Footage Release REVEALS The Real Faces Of Robbers That stole At A Salon -WATCH VIDEO

CCTV Footage Release REVEALS The Real Faces Of Robbers That stole At A Salon –WATCH VIDEO

Per the video going viral suggests that it all turned joyful moment after it revealed robbers who storm a baring salon to steal.

The footage obtained from the CCTV lay bare real faces of the criminals and set many tongues wagging unceasingly.

It is a very sad thing when one struggles to obtain something with several years of toil and it all gets away within the twinkle of an eye through burglars.

Currently, what is a surprise to all is how these thieves have gained soo much courage to be executing their operations during the day.

According to a video trending on social media, a babbering salon was robbed by certain thieves who were armed with guns and machetes in Lagos.

Lucky for the barber but unfortunately for the robbers, they were captured in a CCTV footage and the faces of two of these men has been duly captured with the exception of one who was in black.

From the footage, the incident was said to have taken place that around 2pm there about on Sunday 20th June, 2021.

It’s such a good thing there was camera in the salon because this will go a long way to help the police with their operation to get them arrested.

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