When A Lady Ignores You, Do These 5 Things.

Maybe you’re out there wondering why that girl you so much admire keeps ignoring you, or maybe someone very close to you is in this shoe. She is not being proud, she just has her pride intact and her high self-esteem unshaken. A lady who doesn’t carry herself high and does not show that she’s not cheap or easy to get has lost her pride or probably doesn’t have one.

I’m here to let you know that it’s not the end of the world. The girl that keeps ignoring might eventually become yours when you do any or all of what is mentioned in this article.

Order Her Lunch.
To some people, this would sound ridiculous but I tell you what, food is a powerful tool to get a heart of being. Good food at the right time(afternoon when she’s hungry) draws her here to you. Without mincing words or exaggerating, I’ve not seen a girl who doesn’t like food, as much as I know all of them lokes to eat good food. So if I were you, I would order her some sumptuous meal for lunch.

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Be Friends With Her Friends.
Here is another powerful tool to catch her attention. You’ll be wondering how effective this is. This is the equation – a friend of my friend automatically ( sooner or later ) becomes my friend. Now you get the logic. You can’t be friends with one of her intimate friends and you two wouldn’t have some time to talk to each other. And when you have the time to talk to her you’ve everything. Be smart at making your intentions known to her.

Send Her Money. (Whatever you can afford).
This is a beautiful thing to do. Girls will always want more money. They will always want new dresses and shoes. They will always want a new make-up set and all. Don’t this automatically brings you to her awareness that you exist and when she deemed it fit to appreciate the money you sent to her, you have the green light already, make your move.

Impress Her.
Impressing a lady goes beyond letting her realize you have money. You can impress her with your dashing and smashing looks. Dress cute. When you appear decorous and comely and clean before her, she automatically gets to see the handsome man in you. That way she might even compliment your looks if she does this in the process of you trying to impress her, shoot your shot man.

Ignore Her Too.
When you’ve tried all of the tactics mentioned above in this article and you still feel like she’s still avoiding you, ignore her. This is so effective. When you ignore her, she will realize for herself that you’ve tried your best by doing all of the things mentioned earlier in this article and you know what, she will by herself try to please you in a way that would want to make you continue trying to get her attention. She does this, shoot your shot, this time I bet she wouldn’t say no, she would tell you, I’ll think about it, and when you hear this it means she has agreed already because a girl who would never have anything to do with you would not tell you that, she will rather say she’s not interested or not give you attention at all.

Read again. Have a nice day.

If you’ve any reservations, questions, or comments, please do well to use the comment box.

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