Many scientists say that we know more about outer space than the depths of our oceans. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are the two largest seas on the planet, covering half of the Earth’s surface. Together, they make up the planet’s largest habitat. Scientists are unsure as to how many species live in the oceans’ depths, but estimates suggest there are between 700,000 and one million types of marine life – with over 91% remaining unclassified.

With so many mysteries about our oceans yet to be solved, they continue to fascinate scientists and geographers everywhere. However, for those of us who aren’t experts, there’s one question we often ask – where do the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet? How are they distinguishable?

If you’ve always asked yourself “where do the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet?”, then your search is over – they meet at Cape Horn. This rugged headland lies at the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago at the very tip of South America. The cape is notoriously difficult to navigate, with rough currents, strong winds, and unpredictable weather.

According to topographers, the line that marks the border between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean runs straight between Cape Horn and Antarctica. This narrow body of water is called the Drake Strait, after the Elizabethan explorer, Sir Francis Drake.

It’s true both waters have different color but this can be explained by the following factors;

1 Different in density of water.

The two oceans are have inflow water from different rivers. Most of rivers draining to Atlantic ocean are salt hence raising the salinity of the ocean. The more the salinity the higher the density of water. It’s true to say that Atlantic ocean water is denser than pacific which makes both waters to mix with difficult hence creating borderline.

2 Temperature.

One of the ocean is said to be located in area of higher temperatures than the other. This means the two oceans have different water temperature. The different in water temperatures makes it impossible for water to mix hence creating division line.

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