How To Unlock Your Phone When You Forget The Password

Over the rescent past, phones have been owned by millions of people around the world. To meet the customer needs, phones of different types and prices havebeen produced to ensure that even individuals with little money can purchase one.

Through inventions, phones have been produced that can be used by people with disability such as the deaf and blind. In order to boost security in their phones, people introduce passwords so that no one opens it without their consent.

However, one can forget their password and they can no more access their phones until they take it to a phone repair center so that it can be flashed. Did you know that you can unlock your phone from where you are following this few steps?

First, press the power button of your phone and immediately switch it off. After doing this, press the upper volume button and the power button at once. Upon doing this, the android recovery screen will be opened.

Secondly, after the recovery screen has been opened, scroll down the recovery screen using the volume button and select the option ” Factory reset” . In other phones, the ” Factory reset, ” is written ” Wipe data, ” and upon its selection, click on the ” Delete all user data” and wait for some time.

Upon selecting this option, all the data will be cleared on your phone. This includes the security password or pattern that you had set on your phone and after cpletion of this steps, reboot your phone.

Upon completion of these steps, your phone will be opened and you can simply open but you will have to start saving your data a fresh since they will all be cleared.

In order to avoid loosing your data on phone, it is advisable to log onto your google account so that you can save all your data in it. Kindly share this article to ensure that a majority of people also benefit.

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