End Time: See Photos Of A Lady Who Transformed Herself Into A Man (Photos)

Transgender is becoming one of the main traits in the world as many people now remake and transform their gender to the opposite s£x gender; girls now convert themselves to look like guys and vice versa. Don’ t you think the world is gradually coming to an end?

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Apparently, many countries have legalised this abysmal practice and it seems the practice will persist until the world ends. A lot of men and women have switched their gender and usually check their development on net as they go through those modifications step by step. One of those people who changed their gender is this Woman, Ambrose Spellnigga

You can find this lady who changed her gender on Twitter; her username is Ambrose Spellnigga; a few weeks ago, she shared a post of her being lady but right now it seems she’ s turned to the opposite sex.

According to what I examine from her Twitter page, she decided to change from being a lady, because she feels masculinity would suit her personality; she also stated that she has been longing to be a man since she was a kid

Check out pictures of Ambrose Spellnigga as a female

Pictures of Armstrong Spellnigga as a male


People, you have seen what is happening, do you think transgender should be legalised in your country? or the government should prosecute those whoever attempts to change their gender. We would love to know your thoughts regarding this post; drop your comments in the box beneath this page

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